Qunee for HTML5 - English : Development Environments

Browser support

Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, IE9+

Recommended development tools

HTML is the text format. So there are many selection on development tools. It may be simple text editor, or complex visual edition tool. Recommend the following editors:

Light editors: Brackets, Sublime Text 2, TextMate 2
Integrated development environment: Jetbrains Webstorm
(recommended), Netbeans 7, Eclipse WTP
Debugging tools: Google Chrome
(recommended), Safari, Firefox

Apply Qunee development packages

Qunee for HTML5 development package can be applied online by visiting official website: http://qunee.com, Click for trial use, or send an E-mail to support@qunee.com directly. Note information of companies and people, convenient for better feedback and services. 

Start development

Start the development at the next step. Start from the example of Hello Qunee. If this example has been learned, continue to read the following documents